Our Dogs Matter

Building a meaningful relationship with our dogs begins with with desire. Do we WANT to be engaged with our furry friends or do we want just a piece of furniture? When we make a  sincere effort to be engaged in the way they need us to be, amazing things occur, and that is what we call relationship! -- Popular dog trainer Brendan McMillan says that dog training is like martial arts. You don't just take one class, learn how to kick and then go out and win every opponent: You have to go back and practice again, and again and again, and be willing to change who you are. No small order! Why train your dog, tho? Dogs don't come out of the box ready made to serve us. Learning how to communicate with dogs in ways that they understand is our first step to building a mutually rewarding and fun relationship.

Why Me?

I have been engaged in three years of intensive study and apprenticeship with dog trainer David Crosby here in Santa Fe, NM. I was in my second Saturn Return and wondering where the ground was below me, when I realized I was not a good dog owner. I wanted my dogs to behave just because I loved them. Well, dogs are canids, not primates, and they need structure and order in their lives. I have learned how to give this, plus the innate love I have always had. 

Before this, I have been twenty-four years as a yogi, psychic, astrologer and energy healer. I feel I  can offer you Specialty Canine Services with my own unique background to help you have your best ever relationship with your dog. 

We can do a lot of work over the phone. My fees are $1/minute for phone consults ($20 minimum).

Our first in-person session together will include an initial assessment, which takes about 90 minutes. I will get to know you and your dog from a deep and broad perspective. This may be all you need: perhaps the presenting issues will begin to heal or, if we want to work together further we will build a plan which creates understanding, commitment and a healthy, happy relationship with you and your dog.  My fees for this are $150 for the initial assessment and $80/hr. afterwards plus travel. Payments can be made at  www.paypal.me/BlueEarthHealing 

Call Me at 505-316-3442 to schedule your first consult